With Fall just around the corner in Lawton, it might just be time to think about car maintenance. If you need routine maintenance or need to have body damage repaired, set up an appointment at our service center. Check to see if your vehicle needs maintenance through some fall care tips we've listed below.

Tips for Fall

Check Your Battery: Checking that your battery is still active and unharmed is an important step for any season around Chickasha. However, it's essential when temperatures begin to drop. It's harder for a battery to operate in colder weather, meaning you could very well end up with a dead battery come winter if you aren't paying attention.

Invest in Winter Tires: Another area of fall care is investing in winter tires. In areas where temperatures hover around freezing, winter tires can differ between maintaining traction and sliding into a ditch.

Check Your Lights: Lights are another important part of your vehicle that should be maintained. With less daylight in the colder months around Norman, it's likely your lights will be used more frequently, possibly wearing them out quicker. Replacing your lights can make a huge difference.

Stay in the Know with Your Tire Pressure: Tire pressure is a part of your vehicle that you may often forget about. However, it's equally as important as anything else in your vehicle. Low tire pressure can lead to accidents down the road. Make sure to stay on top of your tire pressure.

Check Back for More Tips

Remember that we also sell parts and accessories near Oklahoma City. If you need a replacement part, come to us. We offer fair prices and can even help you swap out the parts in your vehicle. Get in touch with us today.

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